Racist Italian Girls Viral Train Video Mocking & Laughing On Asian Tiktoker

Italian Girls Mocking Racist Commentvia

In the viral video, one can see three Italian girls on a train mocking an Asian language and laughing. A TikTok user uploaded the video, which caught the girls making fun of the TikToker’s Asian boyfriend and mother. Internet sleuths quickly uncover the woman’s identity in the clip. Soon after the video went viral, the university in which one of the girls studied released a statement about investigating the incident.


Who Are These Italian Racist Girls?

Twitter user @madelinecee disclosed the identity of the three girls to the public. One of them was Elisa Tortora, who studies at UniCatt; her friend Margherita Gentile studying at IULM University; and the third girl, Lucrezia De Vecchis, studying at UNIMIB. People also found their Instagram accounts. However, soon they not only turned their profiles to private mode but also removed their profile pictures.


University Responds To The Viral TikTok


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UniCatt, the university where Elisa Tortora studies, made an official announcement on their Instagram account, stating that they were investigating the issue at hand and would take appropriate action based on the university’s regulations to hold the student accountable. They wrote:

“The episode to which numerous comments that have appeared on social media refer in recent hours cannot in any way be attributed to the University, which reserves the right to carry out the necessary investigations into what happened and the related responsibilities.”


Social Media And Doxxing

Italian girls racist comment

After the video went viral, people quickly identified the identities of the three girls and the university they attended. This shows how powerful social media really is. Being doxxed involves the malicious act of exposing someone’s private information online, which is not uncommon in today’s world, where every other person chooses to put their life out in public. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of the information one decides to put on the internet.


Racism Among Youth

We are living in the year 2023, and it is concerning how racism is still a common practice, even among the youth. To combat racism, it is essential to educate the youth on the importance of diversity. It is crucial for them to understand and respect other traditions, religions, and cultures. There should be open and honest conversations about race and racism. Spreading empathy can help create a more equitable society. After all, the youth is the future of the world.

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