Pune Metro 6 KM Extension From Ruby Hall Clinic To Ramwadi Now Open For Public: Details Inside

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In a significant move for Pune’s urban mobility, PM Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated a crucial six-kilometer Pune Metro stretch. This marked Line 2, connecting Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi, signaling a substantial leap in the city’s metro expansion. As we explore the inauguration and future projects, Pune Metro emerges as a force to redefine connectivity, simplify commuting, and foster sustainable urban development.


Inauguration Of Pune Metro By Prime Minister Modi

Pune Metro

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the much-anticipated six-kilometer stretch of Pune Metro, emphasizing the government’s commitment to bolstering urban transportation.

The Line 2 inauguration connected Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stations, a pivotal step towards comprehensive metro network expansion.

Modi addressed the nation and highlighted the transformative impact of improved metro connectivity, lauding collaborative efforts for Pune’s commuters.


Pune Metro Expansion

Pune Metro Routes

Modi unveiled Line 2, connecting Ruby Hall Clinic to Ramwadi stations and relieving Pune City and Pimpri-Chinchwad residents.

This expansion aligns with Pune’s commitment to modern transportation infrastructure and promises enhanced convenience for daily commuters.

The newly operational stretch reduces travel times, offering a reliable mode of transit for thousands of daily commuters.


Commuter Relief And Operational Details

The extended Pune Metro offers trains every 7.5 minutes during peak hours, providing relief for office-goers and students. The ticket price for Ramwadi to Kothrud is Rs 20, ensuring affordability.

Shravan Hardikar, MD of Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha Metro), highlighted optimized frequency, which caters to Pune’s bustling population.

Commuters can seamlessly traverse key areas like Bund Garden, Yerawada, and Kalyani Nagar, fostering greater connectivity.


Challenges And Ongoing Construction

Operated by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Maha-Metro), Yerawada station faces delays due to ongoing construction. Despite disruptions, it’s expected to open within a month, enhancing Ahmednagar Road connectivity.

The hurdles during construction underscore Maha-Metro’s commitment to quality and safety standards for the Pune Metro project.

Officials assure temporary inconveniences during construction will lead to a more robust and reliable metro infrastructure.


Enhancing City Connectivity

New Pune Metro

The new Pune metro line, including the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation to Nigdi stretch, promises enhanced connectivity, ushering in a new era of urban mobility.

The elevated new metro line from Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Metro station to Nigdi reflects a forward-looking approach to meet Pune’s expanding urban landscape.

As Pune’s metro network evolves, future expansions aim to address rising demands, positioning the city for efficient and sustainable urban transportation.

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