Pune Metro New Routes, Fares, Stations, Timings, And Everything You Need To Know

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Pune, India’s most livable city, is getting ready to celebrate a significant improvement to its transportation infrastructure. Two new stretches are to be made accessible on the Pune Metro as of August 1st. The metro will be open to the general public the same day after the PM’s inauguration. ContMetroreading to learn more about this subject.


More Information On The Pune Metro

New Pune Metro

Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is handling the project execution. In addition, it is anticipated that the metro’s first phase will be complete by the enMetro’s23. A computer-based train control system has been installed by the Pune Metro Authority at the Civil Court station. Trains will run every 10 minutes during peak hours, and every 15 minutes the rest of the time on the Metro, which will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.Metrocording to officials, the frequency of trains will vary based on demand and passenger response.


Two Brand-New Metro Routes In Pune

Pune Metro

The two new routes of the Pune Metro are between Phugewadi and Civil Court and Garware College and Ruby Hall Clinic. There are 13 stations along the 14.4 kilometers of the Pune Metro Project Purple Line. This line will link the main office of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) with Vanaz, the city’s main commercial district. Moreover, the Pune Metro’s Aqua Line is 12.5 kilometers long and has up to 10 stations. This line passes by Ruby Hall Clinic, a significant hospital in Pune, and Garware College, a prestigious educational institution in the city.


Pricing Information For The Pune Metro

  • With a minimum ticket price of Rs. 10 and a maximum ticket price of Rs. 35, the ticket costs for these routes are very reasonable.
  • In addition, a 30% discount on fares will be given to everyone on weekends to encourage people to take the Metro instead of taking out their personal vehicles.
  • This fare structure has been carefully created to guarantee that using the metro remains affordable and also effective foMetrople from all phases of life.
  • “Metro ticket prices have been carefully set to align with PMPML tickets. This integration allows passengers to travel comfortably in air-conditioned metros at rates equivalent to PMPML tickets. It saves time and provides a smoother and more enjoyable commuting experience, ” commented MahaMetro Director Hemant Sonawane.


More Future Projects By The Metro Authorities

Pune Metro Routes

The authorities also intend to construct the green and yellow lines in addition to the two new routes.

The Yellow Line is intended to connect Pimpri and Chinchwad, while the Green Line will connect Hinjewadi and Shivajinagar. The reports state that the construction of these two lines is anticipated to begin the following year, i.e., 2024.

Though the idea for the Pune Metro project was first conceived in 2009, the project’s official foundation was only officially laid in December 2016. Since its opening, the Pune Metro network has provided commuter service at 10 stations.



Pune Metro will become the go-to method of transportation for both frequent and daily travelers. Thanks to its reasonable fare structure and promotion of smart cards. Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainability will also open the door for a more progressive and environmentally aware city. Pune residents eagerly anticipate using the new Pune Metro routes’ convenience and efficiency as the city gets ready to embrace this transformational project.

Are you a resident of Pune? What do you think about this introduction of the new stretches? Make sure to let us know your views in the comment section below. We await your response!

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