Watch: PM Narendra Modi Offers Underwater Prayers In Dwarka; Serene Underwater Moments

Narendra Modi In Dwarka Under Water

PM Modi recently made waves with a tranquil yet impactful visit to Gujarat, leaving an indelible mark on the coastal state. Diving deep into the Arabian Sea, PM Modi performed an underwater puja at the believed site of the ancient city of Dwarka. In a display of spiritual connection and cultural preservation, this unique event marked a significant chapter in India’s rich heritage.


PM Modi’s Underwater Devotion In Gujarat’s Depths

PM Modi In Dwarka
X/Narendra Modi

Accompanied by professional divers, PM Modi, eschewing full diving gear, opted for traditional attire with a diving helmet. His symbolic descent into the waters aimed to connect with the submerged city’s historical and religious significance. This unconventional approach resonates with the Prime Minister’s commitment to merging tradition with modernity.


Homage To Dwarka’s Ancient Majesty By PM Modi

While underwater, PM Modi offered peacock feathers, symbolizing a tribute to Lord Krishna, the founder of Dwarka. The choice of such a traditional offering added a touch of spiritual authenticity to the underwater prayer. This symbolic gesture reflects PM Modi’s dedication to preserving and honoring India’s ancient traditions.


PM Modi Unique Underwater Prayer Experience

Beneath the sea, PM Modi engaged in prayer and meditation, sitting cross-legged on the seabed. Assisted by Navy divers, his distinctive approach garnered warm applause from experts. Reflecting on the experience, he emphasized, “More about faith than courage.” This personal touch to the underwater prayer experience showcases a leader deeply connected to his spiritual roots.


Social Media Revelation

After the underwater prayer, PM Modi took to social media to share images of himself wearing scuba gear. The post highlighted the divine experience of praying in the submerged city of Dwarka, expressing a profound connection to an ancient era of spiritual grandeur. This digital outreach underscores the Prime Minister’s global efforts to share India’s cultural wealth.


Dwarka’s History And PM Modi’s Developmental Push

Dwarka, steeped in ancient connections to Lord Krishna, became the focal point of PM Modi’s visit. The inauguration of Sudarshan Setu, the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge, and the launch of development projects exceeding ₹4150 crore underscored the government’s commitment to both cultural preservation and modern development. This dual focus exemplifies a balanced approach to ensuring India’s heritage remains integral to its progress.

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