This Pune Hotel Owner Alternative Solution Towards Maharashtra’s Plastic Ban Is Awesome

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An idea can change a life. And the idea of this Pune hotel owner can change the fate of plastic.

Plastic pollution has been increasing day by day and government is trying several methods to take appropriate action. Maharashtra government has implemented the ban on the use of plastic products, including single-use disposable items after it notified 3 months earlier.

The state government had asked manufacturers, distributors and consumers to come up with an alternative to plastic.

Encouraging this motive, a restaurant owner in Pune has come up with an interesting way to deliver food to customers.

Steel Lunch Boxes

Instead of plastic containers, the restaurant uses “steel lunch boxes”.


Isn’t this innovative idea?

Customers are being asked to return the box after delivery. For those who order ‘take away’, they have to deposit a sum of Rs 200 with the restaurant, which will be reimbursed once the box is returned.

This move has brought in several reactions from people on social media.

1. Yes.  It’s Good For Health

2. Yeah. People Mentality Need To Change For A Better Nation

The hotel owner welcomes government’s move in favor of the environment feels that the people should have been given more time to come up with better solutions.


“We welcome government’s decision as it’s in favour of the environment but they should have provided us some more time to arrange an alternative. Apps like Zomato & Swiggy have stopped working due to lack of delivery options. Customers are also facing inconvenience,” said hotel owner Ganesh Shetty.

The government has given three months time to manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to come up with an alternative to plastic. Maybe the government would have proposed some alternative solutions to this problem.

What this Pune restaurant owner did is amazing. If everyone comes with an alternative to plastic, then for sure, plastic pollution will be reduced a lot in coming future.

In addition to this, if every individual also stops using plastic products, then they are indirectly contributing towards the betterment of society. It’s the individual who throws garbage on roads. Change has to come from within.

If every individual stops using plastic, stops throwing garbage on roads, stops littering on roads, then for sure Indian roads will look clean in very less span of time.

But is every individual ready for change?

Share us in the comments. In case, if you would like to know the alternatives to plastic, have a look here.

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