This Woman Was Traveling Via Uber Cab And Something Terrifying Happened

She Said She Will Never Take Uber Cab Again


Uber has brought a revolution to industries as a result of that a new term Uberisation was coined. It allows us to book things with our phones including cabs. This makes traveling convenient and also safe. There is no doubt that Uber rides provide a lot of convenience for passengers but there are also emerging unexpected incidents happening every now and then. Ridesharing can be safer but if you were injured in an accident during your ride? This resulted in a question, “Can I Sue Uber or Lyft After a Car Accident?” Something unusual happened to a journalist named Ushnota Paul. The thing that happened to her got her terrified and she decided that she will never take an Uber cab after that.


Ushnota Was Traveling Via Uber Cab Just Like Every Day


Just like every day, Ushnota was traveling via Uber. Her fellow passenger started arguing with the driver as according to her, she was charged extra amount and she would be dropped last. This started a brief verbal encounter between Ushnota and the lady. The verbal encounter soon turned into an assault and the lady scratched Ushnota’s face. Furthermore, Paul tried to protect her face with her hands and she got scratched there too. Moreover, the lady pulled Ushnota’s hair so wildly that a huge fraction of them came off.


The Woman Also Made Racial Comments

Uber cab

In Ushnota’s words, “The woman seemed to be too violent and banged the hand rest on my bag kept between us and also, on my hand. I picked the bag and put it beside the driver’s seat. I guess that must have pushed her to the edge. It was almost near Urmi Estate in Lower Parel, (where her drop was) when she made racist comments”.


Uber Refused To Disclose Any Information About The Woman


Ushnota decided to file a police complaint. The driver accompanied her but Uber refused to disclose any information about the accused as it was against their company policy.


She Shared It On Twitter


After that, Ushnota shared her pain on the social media and wrote down the entire incident in a series of tweets.


This Is How Uber Replied

After reading the tweets, Uber replied, “Hey Ushnota, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. As discussed, we’ve reached out to law enforcement authorities to offer any information that could be helpful in their proceedings. We will keep you updated via the in-app help.”

An investigation should be done in this regard to know what exactly happened. What do you say about this incident? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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