Want To Know Who Is The First Person Started Chanting Sachin Sachin ?

Sachin Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar, God of cricket and the greatest batsmen of his generation continues to rule the hearts of cricket fans across the globe even though he got retired from international cricket in 2013. Sachin Anthem from his movie Sachin: A Billion Dreams”, was launched on Tuesday. After watching the anthem video at the launch, Sachin Tendulkar got emotional.

Sachin was asked when was the first time that he heard the ‘Sachin Sachin’ anthem in India for real, he said,

“My mother (Rajni) started it actually. I used to go play downstairs and to call me back home, mother would call ‘Sachin Sachin’ “.

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“I never thought ‘Sachin Sachin’ (chant) would continue beyond my playing days. It has now gone to the theatres. So I feel happy,”

the right-handed batsman said.


According to director James Erskine, “Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a story of Sachin the person, behind Sachin the God. It was a great responsibility as it is a movie about a billion dreams which have touched a billion hearts!”

When asked about an iconic picture of a young Tendulkar holding a bat, he said,

“This was actually taken at home when I was playing with my brother. This was in the balcony. I was only four or five then. My positions weren’t perfect. What I enjoyed was, hitting the ball. Be it a cricket bat or a tennis racket. My brother would chuck tennis ball, few I used to hit from cricket bat, few from rackets.”

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Sachin also expressed that he was always inspired when he heard the chant in the stadium and it helped him to face difficult situations on the field. He also said that he admires the way that Rahman has created an inspirational anthem around this chant that would keep ringing in his ears for the rest of his life.

The movie “Sachin: A Billion Dreams and the song Sachin anthem is the treat to all cricket fans. Watch the video.

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