Passport Officers Failed To Prove Her Age And Detained At Airport

Passport OfficersPassport Officers


These days, you can’t guess others age so easily. If you think so strong that you can guess then here is the challenge.

Can you guess this woman age?




She is a 41-year-old Ukrainian singer!


But don’t worry if you can’t guess that age properly. Even the passport control officers at Turkey’s airport couldn’t believe her age!


Natalie Dzenkiv, performs as a singer in a band called Lama. She was travelling back home after a holiday in Turkey but surprisingly she was stopped at the airport because the authorities felt she was lying about her age.

When I found out the reason for my arrest, I even started laughing as it was the age in my passport.

The passport control officers thought she was using an older woman’s passport to fly and she is 20 years younger than her actual age.


And it is quite common for Dzenkiv to get this attention.

I am already used to compliments about the way I look, but I couldn’t have imagined that it might be a reason for detaining me.

And do you know, authorities failed to prove her age and she was allowed to go only when people recognized the singer and started asking for her autograph.


Well, Age is just a number when it comes to external appearance and acquiring knowledge. But to apply for some jobs, definitely Age is NOT just a number. It matters a lot.

Who doesn’t want to look young forever? It gives self-confidence.

Isn’t it? Share us in the comments. Few days back we have shared a news where there was one model whose age would surprise everyone, check out the news here.

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