Now, The Passing Marks Pattern For 10th Class CBSE Is Changed


The quality of CBSE education is already deteriorated to a great extent. Even the schools are worst that they train students on how to get marks but not how to gain knowledge. There are few schools who emphasis on imparting practical knowledge on students rather than on theoretical knowledge.

Most of the students don’t even analyze why they are studying and what they are studying. What these schools teach is to get top marks, top ranks and get into the institute and thus gets a good salary which is absolute doesn’t work in the present world.

Indian students are under a great pressure both from the parents and school teachers to get ranks. Most of the students struggle to get even the passing marks. The whole education system must be reformed but recently CBSE has taken a decision to at least reduce the pressure on students.

On Tuesday, the Central Board of Secondary Education introduced a new rule regarding the passing marks pattern of Class 10th.


The students who are appearing for Class X CBSE Board examination this year are exempted from the mandatory separate pass criteria in the subjects that have internal assessment component of 20 marks and 80 marks of Board examination.

Previously, the students had to score 33% marks in both practical and theory individually. However, from now on even if they score a total of 33 marks in both practical and theory, they will be declared as passed.


On March 5, the current batch of Class X students will sit for the Board exam which will be the first mandatory public exam after eight years. Along with optional Board exam, the CBSE had introduced the Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) scheme. And the CCE system was revoked in 2017 by the Board and Class X Board examination was made mandatory.

According to the notification issued by CBSE chairperson Anita Karwal, the examination committee in its meeting decided to give the one-time exemption to the Class X students as they will be the first batch after the Board exam made a comeback. As per the “passing criteria” for the Class X students of the 2017-18 batch, “they need to secure overall 33% (both internal assessment and the Board exam marks taken together) in the subject to be able to pass”. The same passing criteria will also apply in the additional subjects, provided they have internal assessment of 20 marks and Board examination of 80 marks


This notification will also apply for students with subjects under National Skills Qualifications Framework scheme for the five major subjects namely two languages, science, mathematics and social science.

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