Padmavati Protesters Received Threats From Pakistan



In between all the turmoil regarding Padmavati, another major development took place as allegedly death threat came from Pakistan warning Padmavati protesters.

Mahipal Singh Makrana, a senior member of Karani Sena is leading the protest against Padmavati. Makrana in an interview briefed the press that he got the death threat from two unknown numbers from Pakistan. He further told that during the threat, the person on phone reminded him to 93 bomb blast. 

Makrana after this call said that he has already told that most of the money for this film came from Dawood Ibrahim and another terrorist organization operates from Pakistan. 


Release Date Postponed


Other news which will disappoint the fans and all who were waiting for the film to release is that Censor board refused to certify the film in the absence of documents which are necessary. Viacom 18 has already postponed the releasing date.

The earlier film was going to release on 1st of December. Next date is still not decided.


Conflict And Drama Behind Movie


The main reason behind the conflict is that Karni Sena and other Rajput organization found the film projecting the distorted version of history. They took a strong objection against the wrong depiction of Padmavati’ and Khilji’s love scenes as according to sources there was no such incident exist in history.


Wrong Depiction Of Padmavati


Wrong Portrayal of Padmavati’s character in a song where Deepika doing the traditional Ghumar dance. Rajput’s take a great pride in Padmavati and her bravery and they blamed Bhansali hurting their sentiments.


Nationwide Protest Against Film for Showing Padmavati In Bad Light


The Rajput community expressed their anger and Kept Chittorgarh fort closed for one day. Bullets were fired and even some said that if necessary than tanks will also come out. In Jaipur, Brahman, community protested against the film and demanded a blanket ban on the film. Blood signed campaigned also ran by Brahmans against the release of the film.

In several other places, people expressed their anger. The whole controversy started in January when some people belongs to Karani Sena slapped Bhansali and misbehaved while he was shooting Padmavati in Rajasthan.

Karani Sena member, Mahipal Singh warned Deepika that if she will continue flaming this issue they will cut her nose as Laxman did with Supnakaha in Ramayan. Rajput Sena announced 20 lakhs bounty on Sanjay Leela Bhansali,s head. 


Reactions over the Film And Protests


Various reactions from different fraternity are coming over the Padmavati. Deepika slammed protesters and said that there is nothing wrong in film and she is eagerly waiting for release. Politicians, on the other hand, have a different set of opinion. One of the senior most leaders of B.J.P. Uma Bharti Refused to comment on actors worked in the film. She further added that its the responsibility of Filmmaker and writer.

Rajnath Singh told that its the matter of public sentiment and people who are protesting have logical facts which can not be denied. Rajnath even said that his party is not playing any politics over the row.

Shashi Tharur fueled the fire further by making an objectionable remark against Rajputs he said: “where were the pride of Rajputs when they surrendered against British rule”. Smriti Irani immediately slammed Shashi Tharur and asked Tharur  to first ask this question to Congress Mp’s who comes from Rajput family

Karani Sena chief, Lokendra Singh warned by stating that this is the fire of pride and in or any case they won’t let movie release in India.

India is a sensitive country and people are deeply attached to their cultural identity. Padmavati, especially among the Rajput community, have a great respect and people worship her as a mother with great pride. Padmavati represents the honor of Rajputs and even many other Hindu communities.

Another thing which is controversial is some historians claim that Padmavati is a fictional character and they refused to accept that any of the historical accounts exist other than the “Padmavati”, a Poetic epic written by Malik Mohammad Jayasi.

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