Mangaluru Ola Cab Driver Refused To Take Money And Shows Humanity Still Exists

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If you feel there is no kindness in this world, then hold on for a minute and read this.

We often hear many complaints against Ola cabs. But after reading this story you will feel not all are same.

Kavya Rao couldn’t stop herself from sharing this amazing story of a Mangaluru cab driver’s kind gesture.

What has happened?

Kavya Rao booked cab for her parents as her dad should go to hospital for checkup. As micro and mini weren’t available she booked a prime sedan. The driver arrived promptly, and dropped her parents at the hospital. As, it was a cash trip, the bill was Rs 140.

This Is Where The Cab Driver Kindness Revealed

The driver Sunil refused to take money from her mom saying that he doesn’t take payment for hospital trips. However, both of her parents tried a lot to make him accept payment but he was very adamant. He insisted that dropping people to hospitals was his way of helping the society. Her mother asked him to take at least a part of the bill (petrol expenses) but he just refused and left.

Really great isn’t it? These days from auto drivers who charges high amount to cab drivers who cancel bookings just because they don’t like the destinations, Sunil stands out in the crowd.

God bless him and his kind. Really, a wonderful gesture, indeed! And Thanks to Kavya Rao for bringing out such people kindness to social media. You did a wonderful job.

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