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One situation can change the mind of a person and Lavalina Sogani changed the fate of underprivileged girls. 

Especially in Rajasthan, the female literacy rate is very low. One in every two women is deprived of basic education. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan suffer from unimaginable socio-economic problems.

In the slums of Jaipur, the living conditions, health and sanitation are at extremely low level where social ills such as drug abuse and crimes against women are high in number.


Parents in these slum areas keep girls at home to watch over their siblings or involve them in low-skill tasks for minimal income generation.


What Motivated Sogani To Start This School?


Lavalina Sogani daughter’s friend Sangeeta, the 14-year-old became her little girl’s play mate. Once, it was snack time for the kids and Sogani got a glass of milk for her daughter and son along with some cookies. But Sangeeta quickly turned away and distracted herself from the temptation.



When Sogani brought a glass of milk for her, she peered at the contents and then said. ‘Milk is only for my bhaiya (brother) since out of three siblings, he is the only one who goes to school.’”


Sagoni was so stunned after listening to sangeeta words.  These words changed Sagoni in such a way that she started Vimukti Girls School with a handful of little girls from the underprivileged lower strata of society. to make a difference in the lives of girls.



Sagoni and her team have succeeded in convincing the community to send their daughters to school. Initially, it was looked upon merely as a place where girls got free meals. But as girls learned to read and write and helped their parents with mathematical calculations and reading newspapers and letters, parents realized the importance of girl child education.



Every girl needs education. In the present society, more than boys, girls need education and financial independence. Sagoni has taken a great initiative to fill the hope and confidence in the lives of several girls.

Hope government will also take some action to make sure that education reaches to every girl in every state.

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