Here’s What The People Of North Korea Think About The Other People


6. Imperial Gangsters

Gang Violence In America

The North Koreans describe the United States as an Imperial Nation as they feel that they exert their dominance on the other countries. The North Korean citizens usually conduct anti-American rallies where harsh words are chanted.


7. Dotard

Kim calls Trump a dotard

While US President Donald Trump called Kim Jong-Un “rocket man” in one of his tweets. Meanwhile Kim replied that Trump will pay dearly for this. While he also mentioned the US president as a “mentally deranged Dotard”.


8. Hook-Nosed Monsters And Wolves

Rude Monstrous People

Hence they termed the Japanese as hook-nosed monsters and wolves. These propaganda posters are in schools. And in plain view of children.


9. Obsessed With Fighting

People who like fighting very much

Although Maybe the Northern country believes the main goal. Of the Americans is to split the Korean peninsula. Hence make the North Koreans suffer. They say that they have no greater enemies than Americans.


10. Evil

People Who Are Evil

Hence american was described by the North Koreans as Evil. In North Korean Schools, children are taught military games in which dummies of Americans. Therefore with beaked nose and straw hat are pelted with rock and beaten with batons by little North Korean children.


In conclusion this will surely affect their outlook towards the world. Read about the secrets in the lives of North Korean women!