Here’s What The People Of North Korea Think About The Other People


1. Sad And Miserable

Poverty and Misery

North Korea didn’t even make it on the official world happiness report.  So they made their own fake reports putting up all the countries which had the best relationship with North Korea. While China which had the best relationship at that time came in first place. Meanwhile North Korea came second followed by Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Hence USA came in 203rd place. And is considered one of the saddest. And most miserable people on the planet by the North Koreans.


2. Stupid Yankees

Stupidity is a sin

While North Korea uses many words to describe many countries but one word which is used frequently is “stupid”. During a hostile verbal assault with the US President Donald Trump, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un wanted to watch the “stupid conduct of the Yankees” before moving forward with whether or not to fire 4 missiles at the USA or not.


3. Inhumane

Inhumane Stoning

Between 1994 and 1998 North Korea dealt with a devastating food shortage. A series of floods damaged the North Korean fields causing the crisis to expand. Furthermore to a dangerous level causing millions to die of hunger and malnutrition. North Korea received external food supplies from China, USA. Therefore many other nations the United States was not recognized for this. While the North Koreans were told the USA was sending them food because the Americans are afraid of their leader.


4. Cannibals

Cannibalism in the old age

Decades after the struggle between the North and South Koreans happened the Northern country continues to conduct propaganda in the form of paintings and posters which are proudly displayed in the National Museum in North Korea which pays homage to the 35000 soldiers who died in the war. So In the painting, Americans are depicted as cold-blooded people eaters.


5. Foxes

Fake people cheating each other

Therefore the North Koreans refer to the Americans as Foxes since they think foxes as dangerous. And crafty animals and that they signify the Americans perfectly. Probably the North Koreans are quick to term any US-based citizen. Or maybe tourist as spies if they are caught by the police.