What Your Body Language Says About You – Learn The Art Of Predicting Your Opponent


Every last gesture, whether it’s a tilt of the head or plain fidgeting, tells a story. Do you look down when you speak? Play with your hair? Lean to one side? Learn what you’re telling others with your body language, and what others are telling you with theirs!


1. Brushing Hair Off Your Face

Brushing Hair Off Face

This movement, a combination of nerves and flirtation, helps call attention to and frame your feminine assets – think face and neck. No wonder it’s a staple of a promising date. You know the girl is interested if she keeps brushing her hair off the face and keeps playing with it!


2. Touching the face

Touching The Face

It’s a myth that touching the face means someone is lying. It can indicate a lie – but generally, face touching shows a level of anxiety and a heightened activity of the mind. In a sales pitch, for instance, it could show that your customer is uncomfortable and unsure. There may be something they are worried about. So if you spot them touching their face, it’s worth asking them if they have any questions or concerns.


3. Eye contact

Eye Contact

With eye contact, there’s a three-second rule. If you hold someone’s gaze for longer than three seconds, you enter a situation known as “kiss or kill”. Longer eye contact signals one of two things – either you are attracted to the person or you want to attack them.


4. Real Smiles

Real Smiles

When it comes to smiling, the mouth can lie but the eyes can’t. Genuine smiles reach the eyes, crinkling the skin to create crow’s feet around them. People often smile to hide what they’re really thinking and feeling, so the next time you want to know if someone’s smile is genuine, look for crinkles at the corners of their eyes. If they aren’t there, that smile is hiding something.


5. Legs

Leg Positioning

Standing with legs closely together implies deference. Try this instead: bring your legs shoulder-width distance apart, which will communicate determination and confidence. Especially if you’re at work and there is a disagreement taking place, this stance will give you the extra boost of energy you need to stand your ground