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A Punjabi women knocked down a pro wrestler with a few punches after she accepted an open challenge thrown by a professional wrestler during an event held by Continental Wrestling Entertainment, a promotion and training school launched by the Indian WWE champion The Great Khali in 2015.

During the event the female wrestler BB Bull Bull challenged to the audience to a fighting match.Unbelievably, a young woman clad in a yellow salwar-kameez enters the ring and knocks down the BB Bull Bull within minutes.

The woman, who’s a former Haryana police officer and power-lifting and mixed martial arts champion Kavita, is seen knocking down the woman wrestler, BB Bull Bull, within minutes as the crowd cheers on.

BB Bull Bull was ultimately knocked down and her Dhajiya got udaod by this salwar kameez clad super powerful lady.

The viral video was first posted on Continental Wrestling Entertainment’s Facebook page.

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