Instant Vacation Ideas For Mother’s Day You Can Plan Before Its Too Late

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When whole world turns against you, mother is the one and only one person who stands beside you and supports you. She is the true incarnation of unconditional love. Children are her only world and they are the first priority to her. She is the only person, who loves you unconditionally till her last breath.

I should say, sacrifices, selflessness, unconditional love, ultimate caring are the synonyms for mother.

No one can ever repay what she does for her children every day. She won’t even take food unless her children take food. She won’t wear new clothes if her children are in torn clothes. She strives so hard to give better education to her children.


Her sacrifices are countless. For such a beautiful person, what you can do?

Small surprises and sweet memories; atleast on mother’s day, grab the time for her and make her day memorable.

Here are the 10 instant vacation ideas for all kinds of moms that you can plan before it's too late.

1. For adventurous mom


If your mother is the person who loves adventurous then head to Rishikesh with her for river rafting. It gives awesome experience that she will cherish for a long time. It is completely safe.


2. If she loves hills and mountains


Landour which is near Mussoorie, northern state of Uttarakhand is the perfect place if your mother loves hills. There are so many cottages to stay where your mother can witness Landour in all its glory and tranquility.


3. If she loves crazy road trips


Some moms recollect their childhood memories and just wanna have fun. If your mother loves crazy road trips then roam around. Make sure that the road trip you take her is scenic.


4. For trekking mom


For some, age doesn’t matter. They do trekking even at the age of 40 and 50. If your mother loves trekking then sublime trek to Prashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh is the best place. The trek is short enough to enjoy it without being physically stressed, and yet long enough to give your mother a sense of achievement after completing it. The captivating 360 view of the entire Prashar Valley at the pinnacle is a sight she will remember for the rest of her life.


5.  A place to escape from the busy humdrum of daily life


Take her out from the daily routine household work. Spa resorts are the best place that soothes her mind, body and soul. Where ever the state you are in, there are luxurious spa resorts with health club, an outdoor pool, impressive selection of facials, massages, baths, wraps and scrubs.


6. For spiritual mom


If your mother is into spirituality and meditation, there isn't a better gift than checking her into a Vipassana meditation centre. A 10-day stint inside the centre will change her worldly views forever and help her feel at peace.


7. Well, who doesn’t like beaches?


Honestly there won’t be any person who doesn’t love beaches. If your mother enjoys the sun drowning into the endless sea then take her to the nearest beach in your locality.


8. For a mom who is a regular temple-goer


Every mom keeps a fast for the good health of her family and goes to the temple atleast once in a week if not daily. Take her to the religious trip and make her as happy as she deserves to be.  Instead of local temples, plan for pilgrims outside the city.


9. If you can afford, why not plan for foreign trip?


For every person, there will be some dream places to visit in his/her life.  Know what country your mother dreams to see. Let this be one trip that she won't forget ever.


10.  Plan for a little surprise


If you still don’t find time for her, atleast plan for a little surprise. Buy a saree and gift her through post instead of directly giving. If she is a book lover then present her a book on mother’s day. Or cook something delicious for her may be her favorite dish. Every time you need not plan for big things. Even a small surprise will make her day special and memorable.

Mother is the only person in the world who doesn’t have time to pray for herself because she is always busy praying for you. Don’t forget to give her sweet memories just to let her know that she means the world to you. This year Mother’s Day falls on May 14th.

What are you thinking? Plan any of these and share your fabulous experiences with us.

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