After Dismissal, Kapil Mishra Exposed AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal, Yet Again




Yet again, after getting sacked from AAP, Mr. Kapil Mishra has come up with some shocking revelations about Chief Minister(Delhi), Mr. Arvind Kejriwal & AAP. This time Kapil called for a press conference from his home in which he exposed over various financial irregularities in the party's accounts.

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In today press conference, Kapil came up with various allegations, pointing out the loopholes in money management system of AAP. At the beginning of press conference, this suspended member of AAP said, "I have the papers to prove multiple scams." A day before Kapil alleged that police was forcibly trying to take him to the hospital, based on some fake reports. Mr. Mishra is a lawmaker from Karawal Nagar, Delhi assembly constituency who has put allegations on Delhi's home minister Satyendra Jain. Mishra alleged that he saw Jain paying Rs. 2 Crores to Kejriwal at CM's house. Also, he mentioned that Jain helped some relative of AAP chief with a deal worth Rs. 50 Crores.    

Today's Major Expose

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Mr. Kapil Mishra told in the pres conference that Mr. Kejriwal has concealed public donation, laundered money using 16 shell companies and have been lying to Election Commission since 2013-14. He mentioned that AAP had Rs. 45 Crores in their account but showed just Rs. 19 Crores on the AAP website and around 9 Crores to Election Commission. According to the data presentation that Mishra showed in the press conference, in 2014-15 AAP had Rs. 65 Crores in an account, but told the EC just about 32 Crores and AAP website showed Rs. 27 Crores. "I will go to CBI with the evidence. After all, this is investigated, he will go straight to jail," Mishra told the press about Delhi chief minister Kejriwal.

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Further, Mr. Kapil Mishra added that he is going to hand over bank document of every account. He claimed that Income Tax has already sent notice to Mr. Kejriwal regarding the companies that he holds fraudulently. "I will put some documents in front of the nation. After that, Arvind Kejriwal will not have the moral strength to continue as chief minister and people will stop having trust in him," said Mishra.

Apparently, Mr. Kapil Mishra falls unconscious immediately after the completion of his press conference. But according to the doctor, there is nothing serious or to worry about. He was low on sugar and suffering from dehydration due to his hunger strike. Today is the 5th day of his hunger strike against Delhi CM and AAP chief, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. 

Now, In some time, as he said, he is about to reveal the official documents exposing the details of corruption caused by AAP. Let's see what has in his pocket, this time. 

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