Microsoft India’s New Noida Office Is Inspired By Taj Mahal And It Looks Marvelous

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Many employees are working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We still do not know when the offices reopen. However, the employees working at Microsoft India’s Noida office are in for a visual treat. Microsoft India has launched its new India Development Center (IDC) facility in Noida. It is looking amazing. The employees will surely enjoy working at this workplace. The new workspace is spread across the top 3 floors of a 6-floor building in Noida. It is inspired by the Taj Mahal and its architecture is marvelous.

Noida Microsoft Office

Rajiv Kumar, managing director of Microsoft IDC spoke about the new office. He told,

“In order to attract the best talent from the country, you have to go to the places where they are. So, we started in the middle of the country when we opened Hyderabad center, and then went south with the Bengaluru center. My vision to create the Noida centre was to attract the best talent that graduates from some of the world-class engineering and management institutions in the country’s north.”

Microsoft Office Noida

As per a report in Business Today, Rajiv Kumar told,

“I think working at an office is going to be a more beautiful experience than in the past because employees will have a choice. They can work from the comfort of home, or they can come to the office and work in a world-class environment where they can collaborate, build social capital, and forge a bond among themselves. I really believe that.”

Microsoft India Office Noida
Microsoft India Office Noida Taj Mahal

It looks like a luxury hotel and even the Taj Mahal, but it is none of them. There are many eco-friendly offices around the world that are amazing. It is a treat for the employees with full of modern infrastructure. Isn’t it looking amazing? Are you excited to work here? Let us know in the comments below.

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