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Check Out This Surgical Glue Which Heals Wounds Without Stitches – Must Read

Metro Surgical Gluevia

Surgical Glue based on natural human proteins is capable of healing up life-threatening wounds without any need to go under the knives. A new breakthrough in the medical history is this stretchy glue researched and developed by American and Australian biomedical engineers. This magical Glue is said to heal deep wounds in 60 seconds. According to its developers, it can save a lot of lives as most of the deaths occur due to heavy bleeding. In the times of emergency, it can prove to be helpful, save time and money.

Metro Surgical Glue

This glue is named as MeTro which is created with using a naturally occurring human protein known as Tropaelastin. This glue can be applied directly to the would after which it is kept under UV lights where it works it’s magic and forms a seal completely covering up the would without any need of Stitches or Staples.



This stretchy glue can even be applied to the internal body parts. It is so elastic that it can bear up with the shape-changing organs like Lungs and Heart. As a part of the research, this glue was applied to the incisions in arteries and lungs of rodents and pigs and it resulted successfully in sealing up the incisions completely and safely.

When it is applied to the wounds it comes in a liquid form injected by a syringe; it spreads filling all the gaps making sure that no place is left. It takes the shape of the wound after which it is treated under UV rays that seals the wound completely.


Here’s A More Detailed Official Video By The University

The research is still going on to test how safe it is to use it on humans but the developers are optimistic about the positive results. The glue can be super helpful in situations like car accidents, falls, and wars where lives are lost due to heavy bleeding. Internal organs are hard to sew up and stop bleeding and this glue could do wonders for them. What are your opinions on this? Let us know in the comments below. Science is taking over rapidly and it is finally being used for betterment and not destruction. Check out this list of jobs which will soon be completely automated by robots.

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