These Jobs Will Completely Be Replaced By Robots In Near Future


Robots are going to increase more unemployment. Yes! With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation, robots and algorithms will take over the place.

Many professionals have to find another line of work. Here are the job descriptions that will no longer be available in future.


1. Medical Professionals


Daily checkups like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and even advise you on how to be healthier everything will be taken care of wearable devices. What a doctor can diagnose, AI can do for you through just your smartphone. What a doctor does in surgery, high tech equipment can do on its own. You can certainly expect technology to augment this profession further in the near future.


2. Construction Workers and Manual Labourers


Manual labor jobs needed for laying the foundation for residential apartments and malls, tea pickers, warehouse handlers will not be available. AI can help coordinate hordes of bots to work in sync better than people ever could. Amazon is already doing this with some of its warehouses.


3. Journalists


An algorithm can imitate creativity too. Print journalism might be the first to turn to AI to write articles, perhaps with just human editors retained to give them a little color.


4. Lawyers


Lawyers likely won’t completely be replaced, but a lot of their support staff might end up getting the boot. Lot of their daily work is routine stuff like drawing up contracts and case filings, maybe even representing smaller cases with limited scope for argument, like parking fines can be churned out without much mental acrobatics. In this case, it will be very harder to start off as a lawyer because the big shots want someone with experience. However, who will pay an intern when you have a robot to work for free.


5. Drivers


Google, Apple, Uber, Tesla and more are all researching self-driving technology. We’re part of the way there with cars having the ability to take over on empty straights, as well as in some cases braking before we do in an accident. Driving schools will also be pointless.


6. Chefs


All a robot needs to do is to cook all day. Every day is a recipe, the tools, and it’s default lack of impatience and social life. AI experts are also planning to develop sensors that can “taste” things. IBM’s Watson AI was even able to develop entirely new recipes from scratch, using its knowledge of taste chemistry and flavor pairings.


7. Telemarketers and Customer Service


Chatbots are emerging across various platforms and the replacement process is already underway. Standard telemarketers and customer service executives for everything from your hotel to your smartphone service center, to perhaps even government offices, will get replaced.


8. Financial Analysts


Accountants are probably more easily replaced by AI. It recognizes trends and mitigating factors that would affect trades, or are hiding missing funds, and a computer can do that much faster. However, one possible opening for humans here is professionals with a knowledge of both math as well as computer science.

Already much of the paperwork is reduced because of computers. And a lot of people lost jobs too. Now, the world is going to see a new revolution and if AI experts get succeed in their endeavors then unemployment will definitely gonna increase. What do you say? Share us in the comments. However, there are many robots you can fall in love also. If you don’t you believe, then check out these.

Pavani Bharathula
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