Meta’s Threads Faces Another Setback, Users Drop By 79 Per Cent Since Launch

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Meta‘s app Threads, initially seen as a Twitter alternative, has experienced a significant decline in users since its launch in July. According to reports, the app has seen a drop of 79 percent in user traffic within just one month. This decline in users is a setback for Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Because Threads was positioned as a potential competitor to Twitter, continue reading to know more about the setback.


Meta’s App Faces A Setback

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The decline in user traffic for Threads has been a cause for concern. Similarweb, a web analytics company, reported a 79 percent decline in-app traffic within one month. Another analysis pointed out that Threads’ daily active user count has dropped by 82 percent since the app’s launch. These numbers indicate a significant loss of users. And also raise questions about the app’s viability as a Twitter alternative.

Threads initially met with excitement, with Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announcing that the app gained 10 million users in just seven hours after its launch. However, the initial sign-up surge seems short-lived, as the app has struggled to retain its user base.

The decline in users could be attributed to various factors. One possible reason is the competition from established social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Users may be hesitant to switch to a new platform, especially if they are already satisfied with their current social media experience.


Why Are The Users Dropping For Threads?


Additionally, the app’s performance and user experience may have affected the drop in users. Mixed user reviews have been reported, indicating that some users may have encountered issues or found the app lacking certain features. These negative reviews could have deterred potential users from adopting Threads.

It is worth noting that Meta’s other ventures, such as the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and the introduction of the Metaverse concept, have garnered significant attention and media coverage. However, the decline in users for Threads highlights the challenges that Meta faces in diversifying its offerings and competing with established social media platforms.

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Meta’s Twitter alternative Threads has experienced a significant drop in users since its launch. The decline in user traffic raises concerns about the app’s viability as a competitor to Twitter. Factors like competition from established platforms and mixed user reviews may have contributed to the decline. Meta will need to address these challenges and make improvements to attract and retain users if Threads is to become a successful alternative to Twitter. What are your views on the topic discussed above? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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