Meet Soudi, An Influencer Who Spends Rs 70 Lakh A Day On Shopping

Soudi Dubai Influencer

We frequently overspend on weekends or go overboard when it comes to spending on vacations. However, Soudi, a Dubai inhabitant, has become an internet sensation due to her lavish lifestyle and fantastic hobby of indulging in excessive shopping with her husband’s money. As a result, this Dubai woman has taken over the online world.


About Soudi’s Hobby


Soudi, a wealthy housewife, is unapologetic about her luxurious way of life, with her favorite interest being wasteful spending with her husband’s money. Despite being born in Sussex, she moved to Dubai when she was six years old. She met her husband, Jamal, who is originally from Saudi Arabia, at a university in Dubai. After some time of dating, the pair married and have been happily married for two years, intending to start a family soon.

soudi of arabia

In a recent interview with Cover Real Life, Soudi shared shocking revelations about her lifestyle. She revealed that she spends over Rs 70 lakh daily on shopping, which is astounding. She said,

“Usually depending on Jamal’s (her husband’s) mood, he can spend anything from £3,600 to £72,000 when shopping.”

In addition to her excessive spending habits, Soudi said that her favorite brand is Dior, while her husband, Jamal, prefers Hermes. Jamal enjoys treating his wife, and he recently surprised her with a Birkin bag and two cars as a gift. The pair now have matching vehicles, which adds to their luxury lifestyle.


Soudi’s Trips To The Maldives

During her recent trip to the Maldives, Soudi went on a shopping spree for around Rs. 12.78 lakh. She added that she and her husband frequently travel to London and have recently returned from Seychelles. Japan is their next desired destination.

Soudi, in addition to her love of shopping and travel, enjoys lavish manicures, with each session costing roughly Rs. 63,000. She also shared details of her fantasy date evenings, in which Jamal surprises her by reserving an entire restaurant for them at the cost of £1,080 (about Rs. 96,000). On these occasions, he also gives her a special gift to wear.

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