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Doctors said to be gods on earth. They are life savers and life givers. Starting from the minute we are born to this minute, all of us have been assisted, helped and cured by doctors and we are forever indebted to them for their service. But recently many doctors have been found guilty of illegal activities such as organ trafficking, gender determination, etc., the faith in doctors has decreased to some extent.

A Facebook user Parul Bhasin Verma took to the social networking site to narrate her and her family’s ordeal which they have gone through for the last 4 months. At the beginning of this year, Parul’s mother fell sick due to ammonia attack and it was later found that she was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis which is the last stage of liver disease as her liver stopped functioning.


Medical Kidnapping Of 1.2 Crores

Parul talked about the irresponsible behaviour of doctors and staff of two hospitals – BL Kapoor, New Delhi and Yashoda Hospital in Secunderabad, Telangana (Hyderabad). She told how they tried out to churn out money from them without providing proper treatment and how they harassed them for paying the bills and purchasing medicines from their dispensary at high prices rather than buying it from outside at low cost.


Medical Kidnapping Of 1.2 Crores

She termed it as “medical kidnapping” and said that they have spent nearly Rs 1.2 crores on her mother’s treatment who took her last breath on May 7, 2018, due to multiple organ failures despite successful liver transplant. Parul’s mother got admitted in ICU for nearly 100 days. They charged them Rs. 1 lakh per day for this purpose. Her family is in huge debt now. And nobody in the government is listening to her plea.


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In order to save her mother, Parul and her family has spent over 1.2 crores and are now under huge debt. History is a testament to the fact that in the last couple of years this service has taken the form of business – an entity that solely runs on the idea of making money. While we firmly deem that this service is their bread and butter, making someone suffer for months just make a couple of lacs is not what we have in mind when we go to them.

On May 07, 2018, Parul’s mother died due to multiple organ failures. After spending more than 100 days in the ICU. Mainly due to the severe negligence of doctors who only wanted to mind money in all of this. She got a lot of support on social media. This is a very saddening incident which happened to her and can happen to anyone if we don’t raise our voices against it. Share this for awareness and let us all join together and stop such inhumane incident in the future. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comment below. Also, check out another similar incident where a hospital charged 18 lakhs after the patient passed away.

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