Fortis Hospital In Gurgaon Charged ₹18 Lakhs After Patient Passed Away


We see in some movies where hospital charges huge money by keeping dead patient in ICU. In some cases, doctors know that the patient can’t be saved but still they keep them in ICU and loot innocent people money.

But in reality, the same kind of act happened in Fortis Memorial Research Institute (Gurgaon). They charged almost Rs 18 lakhs for 15 days in the ICU from the family of a 7-year old dengue patient knowing that they couldn’t save the child. 


Most of the times, this kind of acts won’t come to public notice. However, the matter was brought to light by a colleague of the girl’s father. Thanks to the ever growing social media platforms like Twitter which helps in bringing out this issues before the public.

He shared the bill and other details over Twitter. And of course, it attracted many people.

This is what happened


Adya, a Class II student developed very high fever on August 27. Two days later when the fever did not abate, her family had taken her to Rockland Hospital in Dwarka. However, her condition worsened and Rockland suggested child father to take her to a bigger hospital. On August 31, the family took her to Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon.

For dengue, the 7-year-old was pumped with 660 syringes which average out to 40 syringes per day, for dengue!  And for 2700 gloves, they were charged a whopping ₹17,142 .

  • Admission Charge – Rs 1250
  • Blood Bank – Rs 61, 315
  • Diagnostics – Rs 29, 290
  • Doctor charges – Rs 53, 900
  • Drugs – Rs 3, 96, 732.48
  • Equipment Charge – Rs 71,000
  • Investigations – Rs 2, 17, 594
  • Medical and Surgical Procedures – Rs 2, 85, 797
  • Medical Consumables – Rs 2, 73, 394
  • Miscellaneous – Rs 15, 150
  • Room Rent – Rs 1, 74,000
  • Discount – Rs 20,000
  • Total Bill – Rs 15, 79, 322.48

Initially doctors used a medicine that costs ₹500 and then realized that family is not protesting much. So pumped up to another brand which apparently did the same job but costs ₹3100 per piece.

The hospital charged ₹200 for sugar strips that are available at their own website at ₹13.

“On September 14, when an MRI was finally conducted and it revealed extensive damage to the brain, the doctors gave up. We decided to then take her to another hospital but doctors refused to even facilitate an ambulance.”, said the family members.

On 15th November, the child had passed away but the hospital refused to allow the parents to see their daughter while in ICU.

Adya’s father said, “Her body had swollen up due to the illness and they asked the hospital to allow her to leave in the patient’s gown. But, they made us pay for that too”

In addition to this shock, Adya’s mother Deepti had a miscarriage of 6-week fetus due to the insensitive approach of the hospital staff. Adya’s parents have lost an unborn child too.

The whole report will make you angry as well as break your heart.

1.  Fortis refused discharge or death certificate


2.  How can a doctor does this?


3. Isn’t this a brutal act?


4. Whaat!

“The government must act against them so that no hospital deals with its patients like this again.”, said the father of the child who had taken a loan of ₹5 lakhs for the treatment of his daughter.

And this is what Fortis Hospital replied on that thread

Union health minister J P Nadda on Monday assured that he will take necessary action. And let’s see.

It clearly says that the carelessness and casual nature of the hospital is what led to the death of the poor child. This is really unbearable pain. We wish that Adya’s family stays strong during this difficult time.

Isn’t this atrocious? Did you also face this kind of similar act? Share us in the comments. Couple of days back, a guy found a 5 days old girl and with the help of Twitter and Mumbai Police, he saved. 

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