Male Model Lies About Gender And Reaches The Grand Finale Of Beauty Contest

Male Model In Beauty Paegantvia

A male model reached online-only beauty pageant Miss Virtual Kazakhstan’s final after receiving over 2,000 votes for a picture. His main motive behind this action of his was that, people have so much beauty standards for women and they are generalizing and making only specific set of traits come under beauty. He followed the standards and easily made it to the grand finale!

Male Model In Beauty Paegant

Arina Aliyeva, whose real name is Ilay Dyagilev, said this was a “project.” The model claimed many girls thought “appearance is the main thing” and it was hard to be beautiful but “even a man could pass as a beautiful woman.”

Male Model In Beauty Paegant

Ilay Dyagilev fooled contest organizers by posing as female model ‘Alina Alieva’. The 22-year-old beat some 4,000 hopefuls to reach the last stage of competition. He later shocked judges of Miss Virtual Kazakhstan by revealing he was a man!

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The male model said: ‘My friends and I, we had a debate on beauty, and I decided to take part in the pageant. I’ve always been a champion of natural beauty. But he decided to tell the organizers of Miss Virtual Kazakhstan that they had been conned, as had online voters from all over the ex-Soviet state.

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Ilay’s confession led to him being removed from the finalists and replaced by Aikerim Temirkhanova, 18. The imposter came through a semi-final which whittled the numbers down from 142 to 16.

Male Model In Beauty Contest

The online beauty contest titled-Miss Virtual Kazakhstan selects the winner based on the number of public votes and likes on the contestant’s photos. He received around 2000 public votes which helped him to qualify and scale up in this beauty contest and defeating around 4000 candidates!

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He explained that a lot of girls believe that appearance is the main thing and it is a hard job to be beautiful. He argued with his friends and he did what he said he would. He proved them wrong and he also sent out a strong message about beauty standards! Love Beauty Pageant shows? Check out these Actresses who were once beauty pageants and some of them even won!

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