Lockdown 3: List Of Activities That Are Started In Different Zones

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There are already more than 42000 cases of coronavirus in India till May 3. The lockdown 3 in India has started today and it will continue till May 17. The government has divided all the cities and into three zones red, orange, and green based on the number of cases in lockdown 3. You can check out the list of cities in the red zone. The Home Ministry has extended the lockdown for the safety of the people from novel coronavirus.

The government has cleared that all the shopping malls, gyms, schools, colleges, mosques, temples, churches, gurudwaras will remain close till May 17. There will be no flights, trains, and metros that will run till May 17. There are a total of 130 red zones, 284 orange zones, and 319 green zones in India. The liquor shops are allowed to open but with strict rules of social distancing.

Lockdown 3 Things To Start

In red zones, all IT sector, call centers are allowed to open but with little staff. The companies have to maintain social distancing. In the orange and green zone, paid taxis are allowed to run. In the green zone, factories, transports, and shops are also allowed to open. The timing has been decided from morning 7 AM to the evening at 7 PM. The areas that have corona positive cases are termed as containment zone. At the containment zone, no services are started and people are advised to stay at home. E-commerce companies are allowed to start their operations of non-essential items in orange and green zones. Below are the activities that started in various zones.

But we advise unless it is necessary do not go outside from home. The threat of coronavirus has not over yet and every day thousands of cases are coming in India. We request everyone to follow the guidelines and take precautions from coronavirus.

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