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9 Lies Most Of The Indian Girls Tell On Tinder And Make No Sense




Technology helps us to make our life easy. Day after day world is coming up with new apps related to our daily life needs. Tinder is among millions of apps that allures the users. The location based application provides the opportunity to find and chat with your match. After the arrival it fascinates the users and now Tinder has become one of the best dating apps around the globe. The behaviors of the users are not positive all the times to their fellow users, truth and lies both are the part of their life. Hence today we have brought you 9 lies that everyone should expect from Indian girls on Tinder.


9. Well I Am Not Interested In Dating Stuff

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So why the hell you swiped on the first place.


8. I Swiped By Mistake

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Undoubtedly this kind of mistake is no common thing that almost 90% of Indian girls do. The reason behind their words is first they liked your main photo so they swiped, but after looking at the other pictures of yours, she regrets her decision.


7. I Am Not That Type Of Girl

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Well you have an account on this app and you showed your interest by swiping right. Now you are explaining what type of girl you are.


6. Can We Be Friends?

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Well the actual motive behind this, cannot be guessed correctly but one thing for sure it is dating app not a friend zoning app.


5. You Are A Nice Guy

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Well 90% of the chances that this line would be followed by “but” and then you will know the nice word is just a big fat lie.


4. I Am Here Looking For True Love

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If your profile has CEO or Manager written on it then without a doubt these kinds of messages you receive daily. By true love, she means we can go on a date, enjoy your money together, but let other things for later.


3. I Had Never Done This Thing

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What they actually mean:- I am a girl who got no dirt on her and not even liked the picture of a boy.


2. I Like You As A Friend

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Just admit it, no one likes a friend that she had never met maybe she had more passion back the time she swiped you but now it is all gone.


1. One Of My Friend Made Me Install The App

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Yeah Yeah and now the same friend is forcing to swipe 5456 guys and after getting replies she is helping you to chose the best.

Well maybe they swipe you back but still they do not want to show their interests and want you to make your moves like a lap dog. Well it is a funny world, if you had experienced any of this stuff please share your experience in the comment section.


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