Ten Crucial And Unavoidable Lessons Of Life You Must Follow Right Now


Life is not a bed of roses. Life is like an exam, it always throw some challenges to us. Whether a person stands to it or escapes from it is what decides his life. In this journey of life, everyone meets several people. Some leave memories and some leave bitter experiences. So, always learn from the past and move on. Remember, life has no ctrl +Z which means you can’t go back and mend it up. Life is precious and there is a saying that “A wise man learns from the experience of others”. Here I try to summon up 10 crucial lessons of life which will help you to take wiser steps in your life.

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Lessons Of Life:

1. Don’t be so close to anyone because they will take it as an advantage and make you suffer. Be good but don’t get close.

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2. In the world, only two people are important. One is you and second is parents. So, give time for both every day.

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3. There are two people who will never leave you at any cost at any moment. One is parents, second is God.



4. Never share your secrets with anybody in outside world. There are always some people who wait for the chance to make you down. Not everyone feels happy about your success.

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5. It’s not important how many friends you have; it’s important how many true friends you have. Not everyone can give true friendship.

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6. Money is very important. Earn it and spend it wisely.

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7. Everyone talks nicely in the first meeting. You will get to know the true colors of the person only after some meetings. Don’t trust anyone blindly.

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8. Having career guidance at right time is very important. So, choose your career wisely.

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9. Don’t take any one to the heart except parents. Only parents can give unconditional love.

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10. Time is precious. Time wasted is life wasted.

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Life is beautiful. Live it to the fullest and fulfill your dreamssmiley

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