These Are Some Of The Lesser Known Facts About The Undertaker

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10. Hall Of Fame Confusion


WWE owner wanted the Undertaker to engage as Hall of Fame but since Undertaker refused to explain his character during his speech. Due to this, the plan was dropped. Thereafter, Undertaker started participating in the documentaries of the WWE which earlier was done by Steve Austin, and never became a part of the hall of fame.


11. Upset With Mick Foley’s Character Change

mick foley and the undertaker

Mick Foley published that Undertaker was disturbed due to his character on the WWE network. In an event, Undertaker smashed Mick Foley for his baseless statements.


12. Video Games

Undertaker 2k16

The character of the Undertaker became immensely popular in video games featured in 1991. The character appeared in more than 50 games. Undertaker is the only WWE player whose character was featured widely.


13. Lost To Roman Reigns

The Undertaker Hat Dress

It was published in WrestleMania 33, after an event between Roman Reigns and Undertaker, it said that Undertaker will retire from WWE. Undertaker lost in the event and left his hat and gloves in the ring. It symbolized that he is leaving the WWE family. This was a very emotional moment for the superstar. But Undertaker returned next year to fight John Cena.


14. Undertaker Vs Undertaker

Undertaker vs Undertaker

In the early 1990s, Undertaker had a severe back injury. Due to this, a fake Undertaker was introduced in WWE. Brian Lee took up to be “The Undertaker”. After the real Undertaker’s recovery, he came back and defeated the fake one.

Telegraph journalist Tom Fordy called The Undertaker “the world’s greatest sportsman” in November 2015. He was one of the greatest players in WWE. He also had a massive fan following due to his unique style. Undertaker officially announced his retirement on June 21, 2020. This was a big setback for his fans all across the world. He posted, “I’m at a point, It is time that this cowboy walks away”, on Twitter while retiring.

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