These Are Some Of The Lesser Known Facts About The Undertaker

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5. Second Fight For The Title

Sycho Sid The Undertaker

The Undertaker won the WWE championship in WrestleMania 13. The event was between Undertaker and Sycho Sid. Shawn Michaels was the commentator for the match. Superstar Bret Hart came out and screwed Michael and Sid as Michael made a false comment on him. Hart attacked Sid with a steel chair and Sid got injured. Meanwhile, Undertaker got a chance and claimed victory over the event.


6. Defeat Against Great Khali

Great Khali Undertaker

The Great Khali debuted in 2005 and he was very popular amongst the Indian audience. In a match between The Great Khali and the Undertaker, Khali defeated the Undertaker within 10 minutes, the result was quite shocking for the Undertaker fans.


7. The American Badass Era

The Undertaker American Badass

Undertaker wanted to present himself as a new character. In one event Undertaker rode his bike up to the ring and suddenly vanished under his strong voice during the promotion of the event. The public appreciated this completely different appearance and this eventually increased his popularity. However, WWE never highlighted this event.


8. Film Interest

Suburban Commando Undertaker

Undertaker debuted in the film “Suburban Commando” in 1991. Thereafter he was starred in many other films. Undertaker’s last film was “Surf’s Up 2: Wave Mania” which came out in 2017.


9. Made Vince McMahon Apologize To Bret Hart

Undertaker Vince McMahon

In an event between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart called Montreal Screwjob, Vince manipulated the event and declared the winner. Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE. Undertaker stepped up responsibly and helped Vince against unethical discrimination. Undertaker forced him to go to Bret Hart and apologize. However, Bret Hart did not listen to him and punched him in his face.

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