These Are The Lesser Known Facts About DuckTales Cartoon Series

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Cartoons are an essential part of every childhood. They are for sure the most popular entertainment source for children, and also much more than that. With the help of cartoons, kids learn about the world around them and also get familiar with the language that we use. There are many cartoons that have been immensely popular gaming children, one such cartoon is ‘DuckTales’. DuckTales is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney. The cartoon sheds light on the behavioral characteristics of ducks and explains different aspects of their lives. Many of us have enjoyed DuckTales in our childhood but have never known much about them. Here we bring you the most fascinating facts about your favorite cartoon series ‘DuckTales’.


1. Scrooge Was Originally A Lot Meaner

Scrooge McDuck

In the initial episodes of the cartoon, the character of Scrooge was, even more, meaner than he is in the show. He was toned down a lot for the show.


2. First American Cartoon To Air In Russia

Ducktales Theme

The Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, but before that Disney was becoming much more popular in Russia. However, when the cold war officially ended, the first American cartoon that was aired in Russia happened to be the DuckTales.


3. Foreign Adaptation Has Unique Theme Lyrics

Ducktales Facts

The DuckTales had an iconic opening song. However, the song is entirely different from country to country. According to the French, the Scrooge had enormous power and wealth, the Spanish talked about the adventures and explorations taking place in the show.


4. Donald Duck, A Part Of DuckTales Gang

Donald Duck in DuckTales

The production wanted more focus on the Stingy Scot. Hence they ruled out the character of Donald from the show. However, if the show had followed the comics more closely, Donald Duck would have been part of the DuckTales gang.


5. Total Gold Scrooge Has In Money Bin

Scrooge McDuck Money

Scrooge’s money bin has always been a topic of discussion among the audience. It was quite uncertain how much gold did he carry. According to a LiveScience artist Don Rosa’s schematic, Scrooge’s bin is around 127 x 120 feet. It carried about 228,600 cubic feet of gold.

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