These Are The Top Budget Friendly International Honeymoon Destinations

Top Budget Friendly International Honeymoon Destinations

Once the big day has been celebrated, the knot has been tied, most of the couples plan out a honeymoon. It is a chance to travel to exotic destinations and enjoy a romantic and lavish trip. Now it is possible for you to go on a luxurious and relaxing honeymoon on your decided budget. We have come up with the top honeymoon destinations which pretty well suit your budget. Here are the top budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations.


1. Indonesia

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While most of Indonesia is worth exploring, Bali is an island in the oceanic country. Bali is at the top for almost all couples who plan an exotic honeymoon. Loaded with lavish accommodations, stunning beaches, gigantic volcanic mountains Bali is a one-stop destination for all your desires.


2. Thailand

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Thailand is a perfect destination for honeymooners who have a budget under 1 lakh rupees. From soothing Thai massages to the exciting nightlife Thailand has it all. For more adventurous honeymooners you can reach Thailand via the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway.


3. Malaysia


Next to Thailand is Malaysia, which is better known for its pristine beaches, breathtaking islands, and rich tapestry of cultures and history, world-class modern facilities, and rich flora and fauna. These will surely bring to you a fascinating and engaging honeymoon.


4. Bhutan

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A peaceful country in the northeast of India, that is spiritually and culturally rich, Bhutan is just perfect for a honeymoon. You can spend time with your better half in a 17th-century fortress in an old palace that resonates with amazing stories of the past. You can also hire a bike and explore the country through its narrow and curvy roads, on which each turn brings you a spectacular shot.


5. Nepal


The best part about traveling to Nepal is that apart from flights we can reach there by train and road also. If you form a trekking couple then Nepal is the place where you should land up. In the awe of the Himalayas, the fresh air fills you up with energy and excitement.

Anushka Jain
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