These Are The Lesser Known Facts About DuckTales Cartoon Series

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6. Scrooge McDuck Starred In A Christmas Special

Scrooge McDuck

In 1983, Scrooge was starred as Ebeneezer Scrooge in a Disney Christmas special based on Charles Dickens’ ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’. It was before DuckTales. Mickey Mouse played Bob Cratchit and Goofy played Jacob Marley in the Christmas Special.


7. DuckTales Video Games

DuckTales Video Games

There were video games based on the animated series that was released back then. The game was very well designed by Capcom. There was a 3D game that was launched in 2013 which is also based on DuckTales. The game was a remake of the video game.


8. Donald Duck Voice Was Hard To Understand

Donald Duck DuckTales

Donald Duck is one of the most favorite cartoon characters of each and every one of us. However, when the show was under development, the production decided that Donald Duck is not suitable for the series. His voice was too annoying over time. It was also very hard to understand because he sounds quite mumbled when he speaks.


9. Inspiration For Character ‘Magica De Spell’

Magica de spell DuckTales

Carl Barks said that “Disney has always had a witch which is ugly and repulsive so why can’t he. Why shouldn’t I draw one that is not ugly but outright sexy?”. He took the inspiration for the character of Magica De Spell from two Italian actresses Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loen. It is said that he was also inspired by Morticia Addams.


10. Critics Were Not So Kind

Uncle Scoorge DuckTales

The Los Angels Times believed that the general public was going to be hugely disappointed in the quality of the animation. They wondered why anyone would try to give Scrooge more dimension when people already love him as a money-hoarding miser.

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