Have A Look At These Creative Inventions By Some Super Lazy People!


16. Google Knows Everything. We Don’t Need Anyone Else.

Google knows everything. We don’t need anyone else

Why ask someone else when you have the genius Google with you! One stop solution to all your queries from having a snack to proposing someone!


17. He’s Either Lazy Or Hasn’t Made A Decision Yet.

He’s either lazy or hasn’t made a decision yet

This kid seems to be a little confused. He’s either still deciding or has a lot to decide! When you want to go skating and wheeling together, try this!


18.“My Razor Broke About 5 Days Ago. Still Too Lazy To Go Get A New One.”

My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one

Have the blaze intact? Need a handle to it? Don’t worry! This idea is a genius one. You can give support to your razor just like in the picture but not to your single life though! Haha.


19. Why Bake A Cake If You Can Just Attach A Candle To The Box?

Why bake a cake if you can just attach a candle to the box?

Too lazy to bake for his birthday? Just fix a candle to that amazing cake powder box and you’re done! Why cook when you can celebrate without it?


20. Toilet Origami Is A New Kind Of Art.

Toilet origami is a new kind of art Lazy

This idea has surely come up while the inventor was bored in the washroom! All you can do is decorate that box of tissues and show your creativity! Genius.

Aren’t these super inventions too genius? Feeling lazy already? Just look at the above ideas and go ahead with them! Amazing. Thank us later. Read another article, These Things Girls Think About While Getting Dressed Every day!