Have A Look At These Creative Inventions By Some Super Lazy People!


11. Now It’s Convenient.

Laziness is good

Need to fit everything on the table? Just tilt your desktop a bit since it’s taking too much space and you’re done! Now you can plug in the speakers and enjoy your favorite track!


12. Pure Laziness Is When You Have A Toy Gun And You Don’t Want To Get Up To Turn Off The Light:

Pure laziness is when you have a toy gun and you don’t want to get up to turn off the light:

Hit on that switch and go off to sleep without getting up from your cozy blanket! Your toy gun is the best help to do so and prove you a genius!


13. This Is What Happens When You Don’t Want To Wash The Plates:

This is what happens when you don’t want to wash the plates

Too lazy to wash that dirty plate? Just grab your ice cube container and pour your favorite sauce! You know what to do next!


14. “My Lazy Little Brother Found A Quicker Way To Learn English Letters.”

My lazy little brother found a quicker way to learn English letters

This kid is so genius! Wish I was the same in my childhood. He probably took out the best way to learn all that alphabets without having to put in a lot of effort!


15. When You Are Too Lazy To Cook Something Twice:

When you are too lazy to cook something twice

Stack up those sausages together and bake it at once! Why do them one by one and wait until the last one? I’m hungry!