This Is The World Safest Vault That Holds 4600 Tons Of Gold

Fort Knox holds 4600 ton gold via

The world’s most powerful country America has the ultimate gold. A large part of this American Gold Reserve is kept in the Boolean depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Its volume is around 4600 tons. Fork Knox is an Army Post, which extends over 109,000 acres. The gold vault contained in it is surrounded by thick granite walls. At the same time, the terrace is bumpy. It is one of the safest buildings in the world where World safest vault is situated with 4600 tons of Gold.

Fort Knox is the safest vault

Fort Knox:

Fort Knox in Kentucky, U.S.A  is guarded by a team of heavily armed guards. Electrified fences, a 22-tonne vault door and a password that no one knows totally. In the year 1936, the US Treasury Department completed the construction of the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, located in Kentucky. The US Treasury Department transferred the land to the US military. Expenditure of three and a half million (5.6 million US dollars) spent at the time of construction.

4600 ton gold in fort knox World safest vault

Home to the US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox not only stores thousands of tonnes of gold. Also said to hold important historical documents, such as the Magna Carta. The European Reserve’s Gold Reserve, the UK’s crown jewels, and the American Constitution.

Magna Carta

So if you plan on breaking into Fort Knox and steal away the gold, you have to get past four fences. Two of which are electrified and then sneak after a team of armed guards. After avoiding all the video cameras on your way. You will need to blast and break through the four feet thick granite walls held together by 750 tonnes of steel.

Entry to the vault

However you will also need to work your way through the maze of locked doors till you find a 22-tonne vault door. For the combination of the big vault, all you need to do is find all the members of Fort Knox staff. Because everyone knows a small part of the combination but nobody knows the whole thing. If you are alive through all of this, you are the world’s new superhero.

This vault is the safest one in the world! Isn’t that amazing? Getting into it is next to impossible! Read another article, 7 Hidden Treasures In India That Are Worth Billions!