Karnataka Cab Driver Slapped Fine for Driving Without Helmet

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From now onwards we should carry a helmet even in the car. This suggestion may sound funny but it can be useful especially in Karnataka.

According to a news report at Indian Express, Naveen a cab driver from Hubballi had to pay Rs 100 fine for not wearing a helmet. Incident took place around 10 pm when he was traveling from city to Gokul Road for his daily schedule.

One of the cops stopped and asked Naveen to pay Rs 500 fine for driving without a helmet. Naveen refused to pay the amount. When someone is driving a car, why will soemone wear helmet. But in the end, after a small argument, he had to pay Rs 100. He also alleged policeman for abusing and forcing to pay the amount.

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Naveen, in fact, showed all his documents including his driving license but cop slapped the fine stating the funny reason of driving a car without helmet.

Surprisingly, this cop, not only fined Naveen, but also he gave a proper challan clearly mentioning the car number KA 25D 2271. In many occasions, two-wheelers have to pay fine for not wearing a helmet but asking the cab driver to wear helmet certainly not in any of the rulebooks. 

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This kind of harassment to the public should not be tolerated and strict actions should be taken against them. Police officials should look over the incident and make sure that this kind of incidents should not repeat in future.

Few days back, Karnataka police have made creative posters for traffic safety and they were very creative, check them here.

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