10 Amazingly Expensive Things Of The World Which Can Blow Your Mind



It’s true that money can’t buy everything but money can buy many things .money can buy you the objects to spend a luxurious life.we can go on vacations have parties can buy branded clothes, luxury cars  and what not .it may not buy us happiness but it can certainly buy us the tools of make us look good and open several avenues for happiness.


1. 1962 Made Ferrari 250GTO: Most Expensive Car

Ferrari 250GTO

It was sold at an unbelievable price of $35 million.A few years ago a private collector of United Kingdom bought it and thus Ferrari 250 GTO became most expensive cars in the world ever.


2. Antilla Mumbai: Indian Business Tycoon’s House In Mumbai

Antilla Mumbai

Antilla, 27 floor home situated in south Mumbai reported as one of the most expensive houses in the takes a full-time staff of 600 people to maintain the whole residence .house belongs to Indian multi Billionaire.It clearly reflects the rich and luxurious lifestyle of the chairman of reliance industries.


3. Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

most expensive tv

This television was designed to provide an extraordinary viewing experience. It is studded with diamonds and alligator skin which made it stunning even when it is off.


4. Rhein River: Andreas Gursky $4 Million Photograph

Rhein River

Unlike other colorful landscapes of Andreas Gursky, this picture of his beautifully portrayed Rhein river in green and gray.


5. Robert Kuok Yacht: $4.8 Billion

expensive boat

This yacht is a classic example of how to spend your $5miilion.When you have nothing to do with it and you are rich like an anonymous businessman Robert Kuok. Yacht is made of 100,000 kg of gold and T-Rex bones and miniature meteorites.


6. The Walking Man: Most Expensive Piece Of Art

walking man painting

Pablo Picasso’s Boy with a pipe is nothing more than the most expensive piece of art. The walking man by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin now holds as the most expensive piece of art.


7. Chopard Blue Diamond: Most Expensive Ring In The World

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Nothing can be more elegant then wearing a $16 million ring. It may seem royal but it will definitely going to attract robbers.


8. $48 Million Painting: Raphel’s Head Of Muse

Raphel’s head of muse

However bid started from $20 million but auction went on and finally sold out almost double from an expected price. Auctioned at Christie’s London.


9. $25 Million Watch: Haute Joaillerie Is Costliest In The World

Haute Joaillerie

You may think it is just a waste of money for just watching the time. But this diamond studded watch stand for status symbol. It fascinated the guy despite having a messy look.


10. $140 Million For A Kid Like Painting

jacksn's painting

White Jackson’s painting which looks nothing more then a kid’s showered on canvas with color. But it is more than that. Yes, he had sold it for $140 million. His critique bashed him for obvious reasons but who cares when u get 7 figure price for such painting.

There are many things which were in auctioned and were sold in unbelievable prices, check them out here.