Kangana Ranaut Makes Shocking Revelations About Relationship With Hrithik Roshan


Well, how many people will have the courage to open up their love affairs or secrets in public especially celebrities? But Actress Kangana has encompassing courage to disclose her connections that too on national television!

She disclosed so many shocking revelations about her ex-lover, Hrithik Roshan, on Rajat Sharma’s show Aap ki Adalat and her boldness created a storm.

She has an “I don’t give a damn” attitude that has put the Internet on fire. Here are some of the shocking revelations she made on the show.


1. The Show Started

Shocking Revelations1

Rajat Sharma asked her, Bahut saare mardon ko dard diya hai aapne (you have given pain to many men).

Kangana countered his witty question with a super witty answer, “kaun se mard ki baat kar rahe hain aap? (which man are you talking about?)”


2. The Ugly Controversy

Shocking Revelations2

If you are curious about Bollywood relationships then you will be aware of the ugly controversy about Hrithik and Kangana which made the headlines a few months back.

When asked this, the actress said: “I faced innumerous slanders, could not sleep at nights and wept, underwent mental stress and emotional trauma, when they released those cheap, slinky e-mails which people still read via Google, they (Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan) must apologize to me in public.”


3. She Admitted Her Past Relationships Openly

Shocking Revelations3

Yes, Kangana was not afraid of admitting her past relationships and accepted it up like a boss.


4. The Silly Ex

Shocking Revelations4

When the actress stated something about him in past, Hrithik Roshan who is on the sexiest Asian list, sent a legal notice to her by his lawyer. Kangana questions Hrithik on the show that how did he know who was the ‘silly ex’ if he wasn’t dating her?


5. She Got Nasty Threatening

Shocking Revelations5

Kangana said, “I was threatened that Hrithik would shame me by releasing intimate pictures and videos on the public platform. Can he actually do that?”


6. A Well-Planned Strategy

Shocking Revelations6

Hrithik went to Cyber Crime and mentioned that Kangana had sent certain emails to him. She asks the host of the show, Rajat Kapoor that will any person preserve certain emails for two good long years? Will he behave like an opportunist and release them out on the internet? Isn’t it a well-planned strategy?


7. Her Shocking Comment On Rakesh Roshan

Shocking Revelations7

When she was asked about Hrithik’s father’s role in this entire scene, she said, “His father (Rakesh Roshan) told the world, I will expose this girl. It’s more than a year, and I am waiting for him to expose me. When will that time come? If you don’t find any imposter, then apologize.”


8. Rajat Asks Whatever He Feels Like

Shocking Revelations8

Rajat questioned Kangana about calling Karan Johar ‘movie mafia’ and she replied, “I am not afraid of him. I worked in only one film, Ungli, that too for ten minutes, and that was the worst flop in my career. I don’t need work from him.”


9. Proud To Be An Indian!

Kangana Shocking Revelations

When asked if she wins an Oscar and will go to Los Angeles, Kangana replied: “I have no craze for Oscar. Even if I get an Oscar, I will not go to collect it. For me, collecting the National Award in my country, from our President is great.”

Bang on! Really outstanding answers!!

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