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One of the main advantages of owning a Jeep is that it offers extensive options for customizability. Whether you decide to look for a Jeep soft top for sale or opt for a hard top instead depends a lot on your personal preference. No matter how you use your Jeep, hard tops and soft tops each offer their own advantages. Here is an analysis of the benefits of a hard top versus a soft top for off-roading in your Jeep.


Advantages Of Soft Tops

Jeep Soft Top

The main advantage of a soft top, such as a Jeep CJ7 top, is its versatility. There is a variety of different styles available, such as flip tops, full tops, and half tops. A soft top also offers you options while you are off-roading. If the weather turns bad, you can put the top up on your Jeep quickly and then take it down again with equal ease when the weather turns nice again so that you can enjoy your connection to nature. By contrast, putting up or taking down a hard top is usually a two-person job and not as easy to perform during an off-roading trip.

Another distinct advantage of a soft top compared to a hard top is price. A soft top can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. A hard top will inevitably end up costing a lot more.

When it comes to storing the Jeep top, soft tops also offer advantages compared to hard tops. Unlike a hard top, a soft top can be folded down. It should be an easy matter to find a place in your garage to store a soft top without taking up a lot of space.


Advantages Of Hard Tops

Jeep CJ7 Hard Top

While soft tops provide some significant advantages over hard tops, the latter offer their own benefits. For example, a hard top is insulated, while a soft top is not. The insulation means a quieter interior of your vehicle while driving and provides better protection from temperature extremes of both heat and cold.

You may require extra space for outdoor sporting equipment, such as bicycles, tents, or kayaks. These often do not fit in the interior of your Jeep, meaning that you need to store them on top. A soft top will not support a roof rack needed to secure these items for safe transport. Therefore, if you are in need of the extra storage space, a hard top is probably the better choice.

A significant advantage that hard tops offer over soft tops is durability. Hard tops can withstand more punishment and last a lot longer that soft tops, needing less maintenance and fewer replacements. However, when a hard top does need replacement, it is a lot more expensive than getting a new soft top.

Neither a hard top nor a soft top is inherently superior for your Jeep. It just depends on the uses to which you put your vehicle and the functionality and convenience you want from your top. If you are ready to purchase a CJ5 top or similar soft top for your Jeep, online retailers are ready to serve you.

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