Bharath PN, A Man From Mysuru Walked Over 4000 Kms From Kanyakumari To Kashmir To Honor COVID Warriors

Bharath PN Walk For Humanity

It has been more than a year, the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their lives because of coronavirus. We have seen many stories about corona warriors, and health workers helping people by risking their lives. One of the stories is of Bharath PN. Bharat PN, a young man from Mysuru completed a ‘Walk for Humanaity’. He walked around 4000 km from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

On December 11, 2020, a 33-year old Bharath PN started the walk from Kanyakumari. He reached Srinagar on March 23, 2021, after 99 days. In his journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, he walked 40-50 km daily. Bharath PN crossed 11 states to reach the destination. There could be a spread of words from a different perspective like it is a mission or it is an activity borne of unemployment but Bharath PN stated that it was a “tribute to corona warriors.”


Bharath PN Worked As A Cable Operator


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Before he started the walking journey he worked as a cable operator. He also tried his hands in several businesses. Because of continuous lockdown, he became jobless and decided to walk to motivate himself. Bharath told,

“At this time, I realized how many frontline workers are rendering selfless service in the battle against the pandemic. I realized the importance of giving back to society and took on this mission in honor of all the Covid warriors, not just the frontline workers but everyone who did their best to help those in distress. Thus, I called it a walk for humanity.”


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Along the way, he also spread the messages about environmental protection, the importance of planting, and fitness. Bharath added,

“I had to search for a tree to rest for some time. So, whenever I got an opportunity to meet a new team and people during my journey, I created awareness about planting, and over 150 saplings were also planted at various places.”


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He stayed in restaurants and sometimes he found his dwelling place outside the petrol pump towers and sometimes the kind locals sheltered him. He filled his stomach on the go. Bharath continued,

“Wherever I stayed, I would ask the concerned person if she/he has any contact for the next 50 km, and then repeat the same. This helped me a lot, and I got to meet many people.”


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Bharath PN said his family support was fifty-fifty. He told,

“Parents are worried about me. I have an elder brother.”

This pandemic has given many hardships to all people in the world. From losing jobs of man to losing economy of the country, there are some important people are there whose services are needed to be appreciated and honored. They are the health workers like doctors, nurses, frontline workers, police, and other volunteers. They are risking their lives and saving many people’s lives from this life-taking coronavirus. This Mysuru man found his way to honor these people.

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