ITC Becomes India’s Leading FMCG Food Sector In 2023; Beats Giants Like Britannia And Parle

ITC India's Leading FMCG Food Sector

In a notable and strategic market shift, ITC’s Ltd has successfully clinched the top spot in the highly competitive FMCG foods sector. It surpassed competitors like Adani Wilmar, Britannia, and Parle Products. This impressive leap underscores ITC’s dominance in domestic sales. The company’s strategic acumen has propelled it to leadership in the dynamic and competitive FMCG landscape.


ITC’s Noteworthy Rise

Britannia Story

Moving from the fourth position last year, ITC’s climb to the pinnacle of the FMCG food sector underscores the company’s strategic prowess and adaptability. The leadership shift, previously held by Adani Wilmar, highlights ITC’s adept navigation of evolving market dynamics.


Impact Of Edible Oil Price Dynamics

ITC Limited

A crucial factor contributing to ITC’s ascent over Adani Wilmar is the substantial drop in edible oil prices. This decline directly affects Adani Wilmar, the country’s largest edible oil company, and significantly contributes to ITC’s upward trajectory. Edible oil prices in September plunged below $1,000 per tonne, a notable decrease from the peak of $2,000 per tonne seen in April-May 2022.


Aashirvaad Atta’s Role In Revenue Growth

ITC’s packaged atta, marketed under the Aashirvaad brand, emerges as a key player in boosting revenue. The increase in atta prices and a decline in edible oil costs strategically position ITC. This move highlights the company’s resilience and adept response to market dynamics.


Diverse Product Portfolio And Market Growth

Aashirwaad Atta

ITC’s diverse product portfolio stands out as a driving force behind its leadership position. Launching over 100 new food FMCG products annually allows the company to stay ahead of evolving consumer preferences. High-growth categories like biscuits and salty snacks have notably contributed to ITC’s overall market share.


Hemant Malik’s Insights On Growth Trends

Hemant Malik, Executive Director at ITC Ltd, attributes the company’s success to the robust performance of every product category within the food business. Categories such as biscuits, witnessing an 11% growth this calendar year, and salty snacks, experiencing a remarkable 20% upward trajectory, play a pivotal role in ITC’s market dominance.


Future Outlook And Sustaining Growth Momentum


As ITC reveals its current success, it shifts to sustaining and expanding its market share. With an ever-evolving product portfolio and a keen understanding of consumer trends, ITC is poised to retain its leadership position in the Indian FMCG food sector.

ITC’s ascent in India’s FMCG food industry showcases strategic agility and innovation. Adapting to market dynamics, it capitalizes on falling edible oil prices. The success of flagship products like Aashirvaad atta positions ITC as a frontrunner. The company demonstrates resilience and an understanding of consumer trends in this fiercely competitive landscape. As ITC evolves, its unwavering commitment to growth and innovation stands out. The ability to introduce new products and stay ahead underscores its forward-thinking approach. In this dynamic environment, ITC’s resilience influences the future of the Indian FMCG food sector. As consumers seek diverse choices, ITC sets benchmarks in the evolving FMCG market.

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