Is Money Really That Important!!!



In today’s era, money is very important and it plays a major role.  Let’s analyze how it plays a vital role in one’s own life.



 Importance Of Money In One’s Own Life:


1. Can anyone get admission in school or college without paying fee? —No right! —parents pay a lot to give good education to their children, they struggle for it.



2. Can anyone buy good clothes to wear without money? —Again it’s NO! 



3. Can anyone buy good healthy food without money?–Obviously NO



4. Why everyone is doing job?  some people even crave for extra income so ask for online jobs—Answer is its obviously for money



Once a person dies, even to bury the body and do funerals, relatives or family members will pay money for it.

Why is that everyone craves for higher education in foreign countries or some reputed universities?—Because, it fetches good salaries as good companies will come.—Answer again money

Can anyone get good treatment without money? —Answer is NO!



5. Can you stay in house without paying rent to landlord?–Answer is NO!

Money plays a very important and significant role. Everyone wants money for several reasons. Some people say money is not important and I say they will understand the value or importance of money only if they undergo deep neck financial problems.

Imagine you are so hungry and there is nothing to eat and it continues for 10 days, and you have no money to buy, how it feels? If you would face this much terrible hungry then you will understand whether money is important or not.




Imagine you want to study and you are so passionate of studies and want to pursue your dreams but you don’t have money to pay fee, you don’t have money to buy books also…how it feels? If you would face these problems during your study life then you will understand whether money is important or not.   


There are so many situations and list goes on……… so people who says money is not important didn’t face any above discussed issues. In fact, they didn’t see much in their life yet. Money is very important in one’s own life. In fact, it is ruling the world. 


Money Can Buy Happiness

If you buy your dream car or dream house or favorite clothes, won’t you feel happy? Everyone feels happy.  It is money buying you happiness. Money can solve problems and Money can bring problems. Both are equally possible. But money solves most of the problems. It brings back your relatives, it brings people together.


Money should be sufficient to fulfill one’s own needs and to fulfill one’s own dreams.  Excess money always brings problems and sadness. Anything excess will always does harm. Whether it is excess intake of food, excess laughter, excess money anything it could be. So, earn money, save money, and know the importance of money .

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