These Interesting Facts About World’s Billionaires That Will Surprise You

Interesting Facts About World’s Billionairesvia

9. Face Of New York City

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New York may be the most destroyed city in Hollywood movies, but it also boasts of most billionaires in a single city. To be precise, 92 billionaires live in New York City, and it’s the highest number of those in a single city.


10. The Author Billionaire

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Most of us must have heard that we can become rich or successful by reading books and studying hard, but who knew that you could be a billionaire by writing books unless J K Rowling did it for us. Nobody must be unaware of the legendary Harry Potter series written by Rowling, which turned her into the first author to be a billionaire in the year 2004.


11. Billionaire With A Golden Heart

Facts About World’s Billionaires

It must be a nightmare for most of us to give away the money that cost us our blood and sweat for such a long time to be earned. The co-founder of the famous Duty-free Shoppers Group, Chuck Feeney, secretly gave away $9 billion for charity in an effort of going broke intentionally.


12. The Royal Inheritance

Facts About World’s Billionaires

It is estimated that the amount of money that the world’s 500 richest people will pass down over the next 20 years will be nothing less than $2.4 trillion, and that’s a massive number that equals $2,400,000,000,000.

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