These Are The Interesting Facts Related To The US Presidents

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6. James Buchanan Only Bachelor President

James Buchanan

To everyone surprise, James Buchanan 15th President of the United States from 4 March 1857 to 4 March 1861 was the only US president who was unmarried while serving in the office.


7. Presidents Who Breathed Their Last While In Office

US Presidents Died In Office

Unfortunately, there were as many as 8 US presidents who breathed their last whilst their tenure. Listed below are the names of the 8 brave and bold US presidents:

  • William Henry Harrison
  • Zachary Taylor
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • James Garfield
  • William McCannley
  • Warren Harding
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy


8. First Women Contestant

Victoria Woodhull

In 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first female candidate to run for the presidential elections. She represented the Equal Rights Party. In 2016 Hilary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for the president of the States by a major political party when she won the Democratic Party nomination. She lost to Donald Trump in the same year. But she was the first lady to gain massive support from the mass.


9. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Well-known US president Barack Obama has served as the president for two consecutive tenures. He was the first African-American President of the States.


10. Unanimously Elected

George Washington

The only US president to be elected without any competition was George Washington in 1732. Since he did not contest, he also refused to receive his presidential salary of $25,000 per year. He is also the only US president who did not represent any political party. Washington did not even live in the white house as the capital was located in Philadelphia when he was in office.

Here was a list of some really interesting facts about US presidents. In the elections of 2020, Joe Biden breaks the record of Ronald Reagan as the oldest US president. American election results can be a turning point for most of the current happenings. War-like situations can also be aroused in many terrorist countries like Pakistan, Syria, and many more since Joe Biden is very aggressive when it comes to terrorism.

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