Insipirational Story Of Priyal Poddar From Being A Housewife To A Businesswoman

Priyal Poddar Inspirational Story

Every person has a right to see the dream and fulfill it irrespective of their gender. But in a male dominating society things are not the same for the females. There are many stories of women considered weak. However, things have started to change slowly. Now we all talk about gender equality. Girls are also giving equal rights in most of the countries in the world. Earlier, things were not the same. They mostly think that only a boy can take care of their daily needs. But now, with time, the mentality of the people changes. There are many inspirational stories of girls that will make you realize that they are not behind now. One such motivational story is the story of housewife Priyal Poddar who is now a businesswoman.


Who Is Priyal Poddar?

Priyal Poddar Guwahati

Priyal Poddar is a mother of two, influencer, blogger, campaigner, housewife, and now a businesswoman. She has two children studying in class VIII and III. She also takes care of her family business and also household activities. Recently, we are lucky to have a conversation with Priyal Poddar in which she shared her life experiences, her journey from being a housewife to a businesswoman. The way she transforms her life is an inspiration to all the strugglers and housewives. We have an inspirational interview with her and it has her struggles, emotions, and her journey that is worth sharing with all. Below is the brief of the telephonic interview between Priyal Poddar and Praneet Samaiya.

1. How this journey started from being a housewife to become a businesswoman?

She said it all started from the kitchen in the year 2013. According to Priyal, she was quite active on social media Facebook. During that time there was some cooking competition going on the social media platform. Some of my friends advised me to participate in the contest. Cooking is my passion and I always love cooking, so I participated in the contest and won many contests. Then I have started blogging. This inspires me to do something and not be a housewife for a life.

2. How do you manage everything like household work, campaigning, your blogs, kids, husband?

Priyal told us that she sometimes works 24 hours. Time management and punctuality is the key to success. Because of time management, I am able to give time to my kids, husband, family, and even I go to the office as it is our family business too. Then I do my campaigning, influencing, and blogging. If you have a passion to do something, it is easy for us to take out time for it.

3. What inspires you to do something different?

When I won the contest way back in 2013 through Facebook, that inspired me to do something different. I realized that even a housewife can do and achieve something. After that, I have started my blogging and now I have recently joined my family business as well. I want to work as my own boss.

Priyal Poddar Campaigner

4. How do you manage clients for campaigns from Guwahati?

Basically, I first study the requirement from the clients and go through the brief. I have connected with many bloggers now and I am very much satisfied with my work. In the year 2020, you can say I became a full-fledged campaigner and influencer. I focus on client requirements properly and only work with a specific number of clients per month.

5. You have also written your own book, Ehsaas- A Special Feeling? How did you get an idea about it?

In 2018, I have written an ebook through blog chatter. Honestly, I was not happy with my book, but I have got an opportunity so I did not want to miss it. I have received a good response and my family also appreciated me for the book. To your surprise, I have not completed my graduation, I left B.Com in between. I am not fluent in English, it is one of the reasons I started writing as I don’t want my children to feel guilty that their mother is not that much educated. I came from a background where educating girls was not a priority.

6. We heard that you still not comfortable using a laptop?

Since 2013, I am only using a mobile for work. I have even written my ebook via mobile. It is very easy for me to work on mobile as I can do kitchen work as well while doing my campaign work. I am not much more comfortable using a laptop.

7. Which social media platform you find easy and reliable?

I like Twitter more reliable. It has more content and not many family members of mine use Twitter much. In Twitter, it is like my own private space.

Priyal Poddar Guwahati

8. How you take out time for your family?

As I said, time management is the key. I always prefer doing breakfast with my family and play games with my kids at night. If you really want to do something, you can take out time for yourself. I like doing the cooking, artwork, and dancing. My husband, in-laws, and kids are fully supportive.

9. What is your suggestion for a healthy lifestyle?

Homemade food is the best food for a healthy lifestyle. I always make food for my kids whatever they want to eat and do not order from outside.

10. What are the new things you want to try next?

I want to learn guitar and want to go to the next level in doing art. Even I want to pitch new clients to learn new things. I am proud of being a housewife, I am doing something fruitful. I hate gossiping as I feel it is a waste of time. Instead, we can learn and explore new things.

11. What is the message you want to give to the people?

One should not stop trying and should never give up. Even I was afraid while talking to someone initially. Slowly I gain confidence with time. I specifically want to tell housewives that don’t spend your life only in the kitchen. You can do anything in life, everyone has something unique in them. Don’t miss this life and opportunity. I have never thought I will become an influencer and go to the office. For doing something, you need to start trying. Every journey starts with a single step. Take that step and do something for yourself. Keep yourself engaged and don’t get depressed.

Well, this was really an inspirational and incredible story of Priyal Poddar. A small step can create a huge difference. Whatever happens in life, never give up.

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