These Inspiring Stories Of Differently-Abled People Gives You Motivation For Entire Life

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Nothing can stop a person from achieving anything in life who has utmost will power and unlimited determination. Especially the success stories of disabled makes us to think where we really lag behind. Here are 15 of the most inspiring stories of differently-abled people that motivates you instantly.

1. The Recognized Physicist Of The Modern Era Stephen Hawking is Suffering From ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)


Well there won’t be anyone who doesn’t know Stephen Hawking. Though suffering from ALS, he is a well-known academic professor and has won many awards like Honorary Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Presidential Medal of Freedom and lifetime member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He has written a plethora of books and papers, including the bestseller ‘The Brief History of Time’.


2. Being Blind and Deaf, Helen Keller Became A Lecturer and Activist


It’s so not easy to become a lecturer for a person if she is blind and deaf unless they posses tremendous will-power. She was the first person to earn a degree of Bachelors in Arts. She was the co-founder of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a political activist and an American author.


3. Even With Illness Paranoid Schizophrenia, John Nash Developed Astounding Mathematical Theories


If you have watched the movie “The Beautiful Mind” then you will understand the day-to-day challenge that Nash had faced due to paranoid schizophrenia. Even with the illness, he was constantly developing new mathematical theories, and his work on geometry and the partial differential equation are astounding still today.


4. Christy Brown Who Can Move Only His left Foot Became a Great Poet, Painter And Author


In his entire body, he could move only his left foot. Despite of his cerebral palsy, he became a great poet, author and painter. His most recognized work is his autobiography ‘My Left Foot’.


5. Demosthenes Overcame Stammer And Became A Great orator Of All Time


He overcame his stammer and became an orator in the history. He practiced rigorously every single day and with utmost passion. He used to sit on the beach for hours with pebbles in his mouth. He became one of the greatest influential speakers of all time.


6. Vincent van Gogh Who Suffered From Mental Illness Became A Painter


He suffered from deep mental depression and was hospitalized. And you know he is the most prominent painter of all time. He was able to paint marvels like The Starry Night.


7.  Being Deaf Beethoven Gave Us Beautiful Compositions


Well there won’t be anyone who doesn’t like music compositions of Beethoven. He was guided by Mozart and studied Piano, and is known for his brilliant improvisation.


8. Even Her Right Leg Amputated, Sudha Chandran Became A Great Dancer


Even though her right leg was amputated after a horrific accident, Sudha Chandan yet continued her passion for dancing and emerged as the most influential and acclaimed classical dancer in India.


9. Even Polio Didn’t Stop Frida Kahlo To Become Painter


Despite suffering from polio, Frida Kahlo could paint amazing self-portraits, landscapes and figments of imaginations.


10. Being Blind Marla Runyan Became A Professional Runner


At the age of nine, Marla Runyan suffered from Stargardt’s Disease that left her blinded for life. Still, she showed courage and won the national champion in women’s 5000m race for three times.


11. Being Blind Stevie Wonder Became A Musician And Singer


The “I just called to say I love you” singer has won 22 Grammy awards and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (1996) too. He is the only two of the artists who have won Grammy for Album of the year three times as the main credited artist, along with Frank Sinatra.


12. Being Deaf, Marlee Matlin Became An Actress


She became deaf due to illness and high fever when she was just 18 months old. But nothing could stop her from having a successful movie career. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading role for ‘Children of a Lesser God’.


13. Having Muscular Dystrophy Ralph Braun Became Businessman, Founder, and CEO of Braun Corporation


Suffering from muscular dystrophy he created his own motorized wagon at the age of 15 to move around with the help of his father. He went on to create the first wheelchair accessible vehicle, then expanded his Braun Corporation. On May 2012, he was named “champion of change” by then US President Barack Obama.


14. Even Spinal Cord Injury Didn’t Stop John Hockenberry From Becoming Journalist And Author


Hockenberry won 4 Emmy Awards and three Peabody Award. The injury did not restrict his career in journalism.


15. Tanni Grey-Thompson Became A Wheelchair Racer, Parliamentarian, television presenter Who Was Born With Spina Bifida


Born with Spina Bifida and was a wheelchair user, Tanni Grey-Thompson became a wheelchair racer, parliamentarian, television presenter  However, nothing could stop her from winning two Paralympic world cup medals, 16 medals (11 gold, four silver, and a bronze) and 13 World Championship medals (six gold, five silver, and two bronze).

It’s proved that nothing can stop a person from becoming great whatever the obstacles he/she faces in life provided they have utmost passion and willpower to achieve really big in life.

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