How This Girl Turned Every Difficulty Into An Opportunity Is So Inspiring

Inspirational storyInspirational story


Life is not a bed of roses. It throws different challenges to each person. Each person’s life is so unique that we should not compare our life with others’ life journey as we don’t know what turn it takes for them.

Sometimes life is unfair too but how we stand up and face it, is what matters.

The story of Jyoti Chahar is another example for this.

Jyoti was born in a poor family and was the eldest of four children. However, with whatever limited wealth her parents had, they provided her higher education. She had to work without pay for the first 6-7 months after graduation before finally landing a job which paid enough for her to sustain herself.

Life always gives sudden jerks. Just at the same time, her father met with a frightful accident and suffered a total loss of memory that led him went missing on multiple occasions.




However, one day he went missing and never returned home. It’s not so easy to bear the loss of a loved one.




It takes an overwhelming amount of courage to move on with life. She soon got a job at a big company. But then, life always has different plans. Everything won’t go according to our wish.

She lost her job but Jyoti didn't give up. She turned this into a golden opportunity.

She followed her passion and became a full-time blogger.

Her blog received praises from many celebrities:







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