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Now Grooms Can Calculate Their Market Value With This Dowry Website. Literally!



Marriage is the union of two souls. But, social evils like dowry stained this holy relation. The competition is getting filthier in every field of career and life, even in the marriage. But, you would be astonished to hear that, Tanul Thakur, a 23-year-old Indian electrical engineer living in Colorado, launched a satirical joke on the traditional Indian arranged marriage. Here we are talking about



The website not only calculate the boy’s dowry rate, but also suggest them on how they can improve their social standing. Astonished to see such website, I tried to enter any fake details in the name, age, occupation, married before or not and father’s occupation column and to my worries, I got the below elaboration.

"Not horrible, but that is hardly a consolation. Your social standing leaves a lot to be desired for. Your dowry rate is currently 15 Lakh. As they say, better late than never. If you want your social standing to improve, you might want to delay your marriage a wee bit and work on those variables of life you have control over".

Being a girl, I died a thousand deaths reading such stupid thing. I further changed some details and put a higher income amount of to be the groom. The results were more than shocking and disturbing.


With the advice of “being a man”, the website showed a higher amount of dowry.

The message read like:

"Your current dowry rate is 35 Lakh. It is a decent amount, but who wants to settle for decent when there is an entire range of awesomeness available? You could achieve an awesome dowry amount too. Remember the guy who right now deserves the highest dowry, even he at once upon a time started with a market price of zero. Your dream dowry amount awaits you. Be a man, and slog hard for it".

After some research on it, I was relieved to know that the website is posing dowry as a business in our country and but in a sarcastic manner. The social evil is so ingrained in our country's system that they may not take the joke coming at first, but then it seems too much to believe. No wonder we have are excelling in space missions and science but still stuck back at a miserable state when it comes to rituals and traditions. The mockery website is earning plethora of visitors. For some it can be fun and for some it may not end up so well!



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